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Customer Testimonials

Testimonial from:

Penny’s Salsa & Fresh Produce

For at least 15 years or so, we have been proud to partner with Seattle Box (SeaCa) for our box and packaging needs. We have used over 20 different products and most, if not all, have been custom made and manufactured to our needs / specifications.

Recently, we had the opportunity to bid on a large government contract. With the timeline provided, it was going to be a very quick turnaround time. We knew that if we were awarded the contract, we may only have a week to start producing and shipping the products. Our sales rep was extremely helpful through this process. He understood our needs, came to the warehouse to do measurements using our samples and then provided us with the perfect box size prototypes. In addition, we gave him our artwork and ideas for the outside of the box, and we had usable options to choose from within a couple days.

Unfortunately, we did not obtain an award for the government contract, but we were impressed with the quick response time and customer service provided. It has proven to us that we can count on Seattle Box anytime a project like this comes up. In the future, we know who we will be contacting for any opportunities we may have or any challenging projects. Because we know that Seattle Box will take care of our needs and come through when we need them the most. We highly recommend their services and consider them much more than a business that we purchase from, but rather a reliable partner.

Dusty Brown
Program Manger
Penny’s Salsa & Fresh Produce / American Produce Express

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